Step Outside the Me Zone

Wednesday June 19, 2013

To me, summer = freedom.

No daily schedule, no homework, no deadlines for the kids.

But that can get old pretty quick.

In fact, it can degenerate into a total Me Fest.

Time for me! Let’s do what I want to do!

And with a couple of kids in the mix, they rarely want to do the same thing and then…. yes, sibling rivalry rears its ugly head.

One distraction from the Me Obsession that so often leads to sibling rivalry is to get the kids on the same team, working toward the same goal.

I found an awesome link that can help you do just that:
100 Ways to Give Back over Summer Break.

It’s quite a list, but don’t let that discourage you. Start small. Choose one thing for this week. Or pick five and have the family vote on one. Then add more activities as you go along.

Step outside the Me Zone with your kids this summer – find a way to give back.

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Amy Sullivan said...

This is my friend Lisa and she is fantastic! You two will love each other and all of the great ideas she offers up!

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