Tough Times and Gratitude

Wednesday November 16, 2011

Being thankful in tough times? That’s not easy. Sometimes we get a glimpse of thankfulness when we see the sun peeking through…other times it comes in the calm He gives in the very eye of the storm.

Looking back, I can thank Him when things are hard because:

1. I reach the end of myself. Just when I thought I could do it, work hard, make it happen, fix things…I reach the end of me. And then the good news is #2.

2. I realize He’s truly my provision. Not my husband, my friends, family, as wonderful as they all are. Our peace and provision truly come from Him, and tough times make that pretty clear.

3. That breath – that sigh – when you’re through the flood. Or that peace that comes from knowing He has you by the hand in the midst of the waters. The peace amidst the storm is precious.

4. Lessons learned in the darkness. Oh, the lessons learned! And fallen as I am, I turn around and have to learn them again sometimes, but I’m thankful He uses those times to teach.

5. Having a hiding place. When we think we’re doing fine, when we have it all figured out, we don’t really think about having a hiding place. But when things crumble, we realize we have a strong and mighty tower, a hiding place like no other. What a great reminder.

This song talks about this very thing, and it's simply beautiful. It's written and performed by Laura Story. Take a moment to listen.

Have you had tough times? How can you be thankful for the storm?


Anonymous said...

These are all such wonderful things to remember! Thank you for reminding me to count it all joy!

Catherine said...

Thank you for this wonderful post, and song. I have a long laundry list of things I *could* grumble about, but it is easier to shine the light on the blessings, instead. It's better for me, and it's what I want to model for the young eyes watching me.

The boys saw a commercial for some sort of lupus or fibromyalgia medication on TV a few weeks ago,. when it was over they said, "Wow, Mom! I'm glad yours doesn't hurt like that!" LOL. I'm glad they think so. It means I'm doing something right. :)

Faith said...

Hi Laura! this is going right along with the post I just wrote the other day about "why, God" and understanding that God is good. All the time. Even in the storms! :) Great post and this song is one I used in one of our small group meetings last spring...LOVE it! we were all talking as moms about finding the blessings even among the trials (with our teens). Have a great rest of the week!

Susan DiMickele said...

Yep, the tough times have shaped my faith. It's hard to be thankful, but I have learned that it is possible to act in thanks even when we don't feel it. Thankful is not a feeling!

Shonya said...

Such a timely post! Thanks for reminding me to CHOOSE gratefulness today (two job rejections in the last two days--struggling with gratefulness today!).

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